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Set Up An Ergonomic Desk At Home: A Made Easy Guide

If you're like many others right now who have had to adapt to working from home, chances are that you've started to experience some aches and pains. Looking after your back, neck, fingers and wrists is super important so you can avoid waking up every morning knowing that your desk set up will make your pain worse. Check out these simple changes and make your new work station comfortable to work at throughout the day.

Ergonomic Chairs

You may have had to make do with your kitchen chair or sitting on your sofa at the beginning of lockdown. However I'm sure that by now, you are in need of a more suitable chair to spend most of your days in. A good ergonomic chair does not have to cost the earth, but should allow you to sit in a supported comfortable position. Ideally they will be height adjustable, with good lumbar support and a seat that's wide enough and appropriately padded to allow you to sit comfortably for long periods. If you can, find a chair with arm rests, adjustable back and lumbar support, as the swill allow you to create a set up that is more specific to your individual needs. Check out this link for some of the best ergonomic chairs on Amazon

Eye level

Whether you are using a laptop or a desk, you must make sure your screen is eye level to avoid neck and mid back strain. Get creative by using books or anything that can create the correct height for your screen. If you use a laptop, you may want to invest in a USB keyboard that will allow you to place your screen at eye level and keep your keyboard at a hight that suitable for your wrists. There are a number of laptop stands available for use with and without separate keyboards. Check these out

Wrist protection

Using something like a gel padded wrist rest will help extensive pressure on the wrists against

work desk components.

Keyboard and mouse set up

Take a holistic approach to how your desk is organised. Having wireless or long cable keyboards and mouse can work with you as you change your posture throughout the day.

Aching legs and restlessness

Sedentary workers' biggest struggle is often the restlessness. This stress is brought on by excessive time spent at the desk. Improving blood circulation, freshen your mind and reset your eyes by getting out walking around. Set yourself an alarm as a reminder to get up and move around, drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated, as well as man you get

up to go to the toilet.

Invest in a desk

Having a dedicated work station can help you to separate working life from home life and will also ensure you can maintain good supported posture through the day.

If you can, invest in a desk. Make sure it is wide enough and that it suits the needs of your work. Adjustable desks have many benefits, including lowering your risk of weight gain and obesity, reduction of back pain and reducing blood sugar levels. So is a great way to help to counteract the lack of movement home workers are prone to.

That's it! You're now clued in on how to set up your desk at home. If you want to ensure your body is at its best while you're working from home, call 07891718780 or

Written by Gayle Jordan M.Ost Cert.Ed

Gayle is an osteopath and educator based in Southampton. She has over 23 years experience as a soft tissue specialist and is passionate about bringing manual therapy and education together for the benefit of her patients.

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