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Women's Health
Align Osteopathy is a place where women can feel supported, listened to and never judged.
We understand the issues women face throughout their lives and are here to support

Gayle is a specialist women's health osteopath who has worked with women as both a therapist and educator for over 20 years.

She is a huge advocate for women's health issues and is deeply passionate about helping women through all stages of their journey and has focused Align Osteopathy to do just that.

Gayle has undertaken extensive post graduate training in many aspects of women's heath delivered by health specialists including osteopaths, physiotherapists and lactation consultants.  
She is a recommended practitioner by the pelvic partnership, a charity focussed on helping women with pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain.  She continues to develop her knowledge by studying for a 2 year Post Graduate Diploma in Women's Health Osteopathy, at the renowned Molinari Institute for Health and continues to pass this knowledge on through education of patients and therapists, including the Align team.

Women's health treatment

What is women's health Osteopathy? 

Women's health osteopathy addresses many of the common issues women face throughout their reproductive life and beyond.  This gentle, but effective treatment manages the changes brought about through pregnancy and the post natal period, as well as other gynaecological issues, from general pelvic pain, continence concerns, prolapses, constipation and bowel disfunction. Gayle is also a National Childbirth Trust trained breastfeeding peer support volunteer, who works with parents at Southampton Baby Cafe and the Princess Anne Hospital. 

Our women's health osteopaths are trained menohealth coaches and can also educate and advise on lifestyle changes to help with the effects of peri and post menopause.

Women's health initial appointment      £75.00

Follow up                                                         £47.00

Pregnancy initial appointment                £62.00

Follow up                                                        £47.00

Mummy MOT                                                £90.00

We also offer other modalities that may also help health issues that face women like you.

Acupuncture                                                 £62.00

Counselling                                                   £50.00

This is what our patients say

"I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my early twenties and I also suffer from IBS.

I had seen several posts from Gayle regarding women's health and started following and reading her updates. One that particular interested me was regarding pelvic health, which is so important for women, so I contacted Gayle who was extremely helpful and informative. I had an internal pelvic assessment, followed by treatment on some trigger points that Gayle found, the treatment was not painful and Gayle made me feel completely relaxed the whole time. I was also given guidance on pelvic floor exercises. The difference after one treatment was extremely noticeable.

I can highly recommend Gayle. Women's health is so important and it is great to find an advocate who is so passionate about promoting this for women."


July 2021 

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