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Complementary and Wellness Therapies

We offer a range of complementary and wellness therapies to relax and restore the mind, body and spirit.   Many find the hands on nature of these treatments a great aid sleep, improve mood and increase sense of wellbeing. These treatments are performed by our highly skilled and experienced therapists, all of which hold internationally recognised qualifications.             


Copy of Copy of bamboo massage-min.jpg

Deep Tissue Massage uses techniques that apply deep therapeutic pressure to loosen general muscular tension.

£32.00       30 minutes

£46.00.      45 minutes

£60.00       60 minutes


Reflexology is an ancient method of hands on therapy involving the massage of specific zones of the feet, that are believed to correspond to areas or organs of the body.  Treatments are safe, hands on therapy that is used to promote relaxation, wellbeing and encourage improved sleep quality.  Reflexologists believe the treatment helps to bring balance to the person receiving the treatment.                      


60 minutes             £55.00 per session

Reflexology and complementary therapies in Southampton by Cheryl Smith of Fusion Beauty
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Hot Stone Therapy is an ancient treatment involving massage to the body using hot volcanic basalt stones, to ease muscular tension and promote relaxation.  

£46.00       45 minutes

£60.00       60 minutes

Copy of bamboo massage-min.jpg

An energising body treatment using bamboo and invigorating oils for the relief of deep muscular tension. 

£46.00       45 minutes

£60.00       60 minutes

Bamboo Massage
Aromatherapy Massage

A restorative treatment tailor made, using therapeutic essential oils, specific to the individual requirements of each person.

£48.00       45 minutes

£70.00       75 minutes

Reproductive Reflexology

Copy of Pregnancy Massage available soon-min.jpg

An advanced reflexology practice designed to support the reproductive health of both men and women.               


Initial session  75 minutes             £68.00 

Follow up sessions                       £60.00

Pregnancy/Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy massage is offered after the first trimester and tailored specifically for the pregnant body. Oils are applied whilst you are supported and cocooned with special designed pregnancy cushions, to allow for total relaxation.

£46.00       45 minutes

£60.00       60 minutes

Reiki, Sound and Crystal Therapy 

A deeply relaxing and restorative treatment that uses a combination of modalities tailored to individual requirements and preferences.

60 minutes      £60.00 

We also offer breathing and meditation workshops for anxiety and stress management. Contact us for more information.

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