Osteopathy Massage Nutrition coaching Southampton
Osteopath treating back pain in Totton, Southampton
Sports massage Southampton
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Stone Therapy

45 minutes         £48.00

60 minutes         £62.00

Bamboo Massage

45 minutes         £48.00

60 minutes         £62.00

Head Massage


Initial appointment                                  

Standard appointment                          

Initial paediatric appointment              

Follow up paediatric appointment      

Mum and baby check-up                     

Mummy MOT                                                    

Women's health initial appointment 



Home visits for paediatric, and mum and baby checks also available.  

Please book 15 minute free consultation to discuss your requirements if you are unsure which type of appointment you require.


45 minutes         £48.00

60 minutes         £62.00

Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage

30 minutes         £32.00

45 minutes         £46.00

60 minutes         £60.00

Sports and remedial massage Southampton
Hot Stone Massage
Massage and nutrition coaching Southampton

Indian Head Massage

30 minutes.        £32.00

45 minutes         £45.00


60 minutes         £55.00

Baby Massage

45 minutes         £45.00 (1-2-1 training for parents)

Small group training sessions available on request.  Please contact us for details.

Women's Health Coaching  COMING SOON!


One to one assessment, treatment and advice for women struggling with Peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms.

Message us to find out more.

Osteopathy Massage Nutrition coaching Southampton