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Osteopathic examination of a baby by Totton Southampton based osteopath
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Osteopaths are trained and qualified to work with babies and children during their undergraduate studies, but Gayle has continued to update and enhance her skills in this area with further post-graduate training.

Babies’ and children's skeletons are softer and more complex than an adult’s and  osteopaths will therefore use gentler techniques such as cranial osteopathy when treating, meaning there is no discomfort for your child during treatment.  In fact gentle manipulation can help soothe and relax your baby.  

Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all stages of development and an assessment of your child will be undertaken at initial consultation, to see what might help.  

Osteopathy for babies and children
Mummy MOT Totton Southampton Hampshire

​As a mother of two (now teenage) children 15 months apart, Gayle understands what it is like for parents, as her experience when they were babies was not always a pleasant one.  Her children were 15 months apart after very difficult pregnancies, both suffered with colic and digestive issues, were unsettled at night as well as during the day and all this lead to one very stressed mum.  Her experiences with her pregnancies and her babies sparked a ever growing motivation to help other parents to experiences be more positive.

Gayle took a special interest in the treatment of babies and children during her training at the London School of Osteopathy and elected to attend the weekly paediatric clinic in which she treated babies as young as 3 days old right up to children in their teens.  She is also experienced in treating children competing at all levels of sport including those signed by professional football teams, county and GB athletes.

Osteopath treating a child with knee pain at Align Osteopathy Totton Southampton

Initial Paediatric Appointment                 £58.00
Follow up Appointment                          £46.00


You are also able to learn how to massage your own baby, under the expert tuition of our complementary therapist Cheryl.  Sessions are conducted on a one to one basis, or group sessions can be arranged separately.

Each session lasts 45 minutes and will allow you to feel confident in the application of baby massage to your little one.