Introducing April.

Hi, I'm April and I'm a sports massage therapist. This is my first ever blog post and I would like to kick off with dispelling some of the myths surrounding sports massage and answer some of the myths surrounding sports massage and answer some FAQs around what I do.

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Firstly - sports massage isn't only for sporty people. Whilst it's true that I treat the sporting types, helping them recover from injury or improve sporting performance, I also have a big clientele of people suffering from occupational aches and pains. These may occur from being sat at a desk all day with poor posture, manual labour jobs, that require heavy lifting or over stretching or those that spend long periods of time driving. I treat men and women of all ages, each with individual concerns.

Secondly - no my hands don't hurt from carrying out massage treatments all day. I literally get asked this question at least 1 or 2 times a day. As an experienced massage practitioner I use forearm, elbows and pisiform (that's a wrist bone to you and me) as well as making sure the treatment plinth is at the correct height and that I have the correct stance to ensure I can apply adequate pressure, rather than relying on hand strength.

Thirdly - whilst it's true some sports massage techniques can be a bit ouchy, there are also many more gentle techniques that can be used that do not cause any discomfort. Sometimes it's uncondusive to apply too much pressure as the tissues may respond negatively, each case is assessed individually to produce the most appropriate treatment plan for you. I hope this has answered some of your questions - feel free to send us a message if you have any more!

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