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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching available at Align Osteopathy Totton, Southampton

April offers a range of nutrition coaching services to suit everybody, no matter what your goals are.


In order to identify which plan is most suitable for your needs, you will be sent an in-depth consultation form which looks at your current relationship with food, where you have been, where you are now, your readiness for change and identifying the areas that you would like to focus on in our work together. Once your plan is in place you will have regular check-ins which will focus on strategies to move forward with your goals, working through barriers and revisiting and adjusting goals/plan details where appropriate. All plans can be accessed via the justcoach app, so your plan will always be available at the touch of a button.  

To book a consultation or to find out more email or

call 07500807697


Are you ready to stop dieting and start living? Are you fed up of counting calories and weighing food? We all know fad diets don’t work in the long term, what we need is to treat our bodies with kindness and compassion, discover new healthier habits and rediscover the true meaning of health through solid nutrition, not deprivation.  

I can help you make positive, sustainable changes by guiding you through a series of habit changes that will enable you to have a more positive relationship with food and stop the emotional eating cycle. As well as 24/7 online support you will receive a weekly check-in at a pre-arranged time, tasty recipes to keep you inspired, meal plans if desired,  access to the justcoach app where you will have all your nutrition plan information available at the touch of a button, which can include workouts at no extra charge. 

This is a 15-19 week program and is currently on offer for an unbelievable £69 all-inclusive of everything outlined above.  





Weight loss advice and osteopathic treatment for men and women Totton Southampton
Tailor made nutrition programmes for weight loss Totton, Southampton



Are you ready to make the commitment to a fat loss transformation? Are you willing to commit to regular workouts, follow a tailor-made calorie and macro plan, with meal plans, recipes, 24/7 online support via the justcoach app, weekly check-ins and progress reporting? If you can answer yes then this program is for you.  


This is a 4-week plan and is currently on offer for £49. A further 4 weeks can be added on at £30

Nutrition coaching perimenopause menopause
Nutrition to build lean muscle Align Osteopath Totton Southampton


Do you suffer from digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating and/or flatulence after eating?  

Do you have irritable skin rashes or skin conditions which flare up after eating or drinking certain foods?  

Do you experience mood swings and/or fatigue on a regular basis?  

If you looking to improve your digestive health, which in turn supports a strong immune system then the bulletproof gut program is for you. You will be carefully guided through the elimination and reintroduction phases of foods that commonly adversely affect the gut, have access to healthy immune-boosting recipes which are gentle on the digestive system, meal plans if desired, 24/7 online support via the justcoach app, and weekly check-ins to establish what foods are having adverse effects.  

This program requires 100% commitment for approximately 6-8 weeks and is currently on offer at £49 



Are you not getting the lean results that you're after despite training a lot? 

Are you struggling to know what you should be eating to help fuel your performance and aid your lean muscle goals? 

It is now clear that how and what you eat has a significant impact on how you perform, how you recover, how you look, and most importantly your health.  

This 4-week plan consists of nutrition and workout plan, working carefully with tailored macros, and includes 24/7 support via the app, weekly check-ins to make adjustments where needed, delicious recipes, meal plans if desired.


This is currently on offer for £49 and a further 4 weeks can be added on at £30 

Help with IBS irritable bowel syndrome and digestive problems
Detox plan to help boost your immune system


Do you find you are addicted to sugar, sugary drinks/energy drinks or rely on your 11 am coffee and biscuits to get you through till lunchtime?  

Do you suffer from fatigue, sluggishness, skin breakouts or mood dips?  

Do you rely on processed or convenience pre-packaged foods? 

If you can answer yes to any of the above then the detox plan is for you.  

The liver is perfectly capable of ‘detoxing’ your body of harmful substances, but this plan will help reset your digestive system by cutting out refined sugars and processed foods, and introduce you to delicious energy-boosting recipes/foods, which will help to stop those sugar spiking (energy surges and dips) which lead to increased consumption of high G.I, calorie-dense foods.  

This is a 4-week plan and is currently on offer for just £19!

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