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Workshops with Pettina

Let Pettina guide and empower you to help balance and connect your mind and body, through meditation classes for stress and anxiety. We use a gentle blend of relaxation and therapeutic techniques to help you learn to relax. Escape from the stress and noise of the world, let go of anxieties and feel empowered by connecting to your powerful mind. 

Upcoming workshops

Meditation techniques for stress and anxiety, Awaiting date confirmation, £25 per person

This small group workshop will teach you meditation and breathing techniques to help you cope with the stresses and anxieties you face.

Mum and Baby Yoga, starting Friday 12th May over four weeks, 10am - 11am, £45 for the course

This four week course will allow you to learn stretching and relaxation techniques with your baby, that previous participants have said can loosen trapped wind and calm fussiness. An easy and fun way to help bring peace and harmony to both you and your baby.

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